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At our 2015 Annual General Meeting the Club unveiled our new Life Member Honour Board (which now hangs proudly in the Club Room).

Not everyone realises that to run a Junior Rugby League Club involves many hours of hard work by many people. These volunteers receive no compensation apart from the satisfaction of seeing the players run on to the field and perhaps a free bacon and egg sandwich after setting up on a Saturday morning.

Our Club has a very proud history and it is important to us to ensure we capture and record this. We have made some very significant improvements in both what is provided to the players and to the playing precinct as a whole since the beginning and this will continue into the future.

Notably having built the new Club House (amenities block) back in 2008 which is said to be “without a doubt the best in the Junior League” we have also provided the cover to the dugouts and concrete pathways and the provision of a PA system.

Much of this is all down to volunteers and sponsorship without which we would not survive.

There have been and will continue to be those that go above and beyond the expectation of any volunteer organisation for a number of years. These people have been in the past and will continue into the future to be recognised by being awarded “Life Membership of Lower Mountains JRLC”.

The present committee considered it appropriate that these people be recognised by the provision of this board.

At the unveiling of the Board the Club was privileged to have the very first Life Member of the Club on hand namely Ron Fox along with one of our very early recipients Barry Leaney, who still has a strong connection and involvement with our club.

Please feel free to visit the Clubroom and have a look at the Honour Board.